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Creative Diy Projects To Make A Craft Table

adding a creative DIY table makeover can really move the table around the room and bring out all the other cool design elements. But if you add a craft table to your kitchen, you’ll have a much better focal point than a simple, boring wooden table. After all, why settle for something that’s not necessarily functional? Upcycling is one popular trend, especially in the realm of kitchen furniture. There are actually plenty of DIY projects involving reclaimed materials that can make your table more interesting. This project features a cheap antique French sawhorse table that’s been spray painted gold. If you’re interested in making something similar, you can head over to antiqueasouthernblog. The instructions are very simple this way. First, pick out the piece of furniture and get painting. Take out the hardware that you find suitable for the size of the table and then take tape, measure the base sides and apply a thick layer of gold leaf.

Let it dry and apply gold leaf to the underside of the table. Not sure if you want your DIY table to stand out as much on the street? Check out designsponge for some great tutorial on how to make an oversized chevron table. The project requires a chevron pattern that’s closer to the initial, three stripes. The glossy lacquer finish will give the table a modern look. Another great resource is the Dallas antique clock that you can see here. It’s a handmade piece made with few pieces of brass tubing and with a clock mechanism. . .

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