Colnago modular bikes, blockchain technology and direct online sales

Colnago modular bikes, blockchain technology and direct online sales

The new Colnago C68 is full of surprises. In addition to online sales and the selection of components, new technologies are also integrated into this.

Colnago It has just rolled out the biggest changes to its business since its inception in 1952.

With the presentation of their new star model “C”, the Colnago C68the Italian manufacturer of racing bikes take a leap into the future.

In May 2020, the majority of the family business was acquired by Chimera Investments LLC, an investment group from the United Arab Emirates.

Since then, the realignment of the company has been planned, which goes through the Online and direct sales for the consumer, the new technologies of blockchains (Blockchain) or modular bikes à la carte.

Away from the norm of seeing the new Colnago C68 news which you can see on their website we’re going to focus on what’s really new in the bike industry.

A frame-integrated digital passport using blockchain technology that cannot be modified

In case you are not familiar with the term Blockchain or chain of blocksis a set of information stored in different nodes of the network (Internet) which, once verified, cannot be changed.

It is the same technology used by the famous cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

Transferred to the world of bicycles, Colnago will incorporate one into its C68 and possibly future models NFC digital passport that uses the Blockchain Technology.

In this way, the information on the bike, once manufactured and registered, cannot be changed in the future.

That makes counterfeiting impossible, but also increases the value of the bike, which (supposedly) will stay intact for life.

Speaking of NFTthe digital label integrated into the frame itself (on the diagonal tube), will also integrate a digital version (NFT) of the bike itself.

Direct sales to consumers through Colnago’s online store

Another novelty will be that the C68 can be purchased directly from Colnago’s own website, without going through local bike dealers or shops.

As you know, many bicycle brands incorporate this direct sales system.

The new Colnago C68 It will have several assemblies with prices ranging from 12,700 to 16,780 euros.

Let’s remember that we are talking about the top-of-the-range street model from the Italian brand.

Possibility of customization and 3D printed titanium parts

The new C68 can be customized in many ways.

For example, with the integrated stem and handlebar, you can choose from four different handlebar widths and up to seven stem lengths.

All thanks to some shapes that make everything easier.

Colnago will also offer its most exclusive customers some of the parts of the C68 in 3D printed titanium in a limited series.

As we can see, bikes combine with new technologies and Colnagoa bike brand with so much tradition doesn’t want to be left behind.