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Brick Wall Accent In Home Decor

Wall art can be a very interesting and versatile choice. It’s a variety of creative projects that categorize different materials into various categories. It’s also a very nice and simple way of personalizing a space. Brick walls are actually one of the many types of materials that you can use in this case. It’s a type of design that can be easily personalized and that also varies from case to case. Beautiful example of a brick wall art project We’re going to start with this lovely piece that was hand painted. The materials needed for the project are 4 letters of the blue and white color, a thin aluminum letter and a restrained cardboard box that will cover the bottom of the wall. The first step for the project is to scrape the original pattern of the letter along with the blue color. After that, apply a coat of evenly distributed distressing to obtain a smoother picture.

Next, apply a few coats of paint in the same colors and create a nice patchwork design starting from the top portion and finishing with the bottom portion. Also, start with the portion of wall that will be painted, use a dark paint in the middle and start working your way down. You can use any type of wall art projects that don’t require painting. For example, you can make some lovely ceramic flower pictures that will spark happy decorating desires among your friends. To make them you’ll need a plastic scraper, a small section of painter’s tape and bright yellow paint. It’s a simple and creative project and you can also try making your own wall art using a simple terrarium. . .

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