BH won the country’s first innovation and creative economy center

BH won the country’s first innovation and creative economy center

Belo Horizonte just won first place main center Innovation and the creative economy Brazil. It is located in the iconic Praça Sete, in downtown Belo Horizonte Creative P7 Arrive equipped with the infrastructure and atmosphere to give the capital the condition A smart and human city.

Under investments more than 75 million Brazilian riyals25 floors of an emblematic building designed by Oscar Niemeyer (former Bemge Building) will contain 412 joint workMuseum, digital library and laboratory the designLiving space, banquet hall and restaurant.

Under the administration of the Federation of Industries of the State of Minas Gerais (Fiemg) for 20 years, the space will be able to accommodate more than 500 Startups It is expected to receive more than 3,000 people per day. In addition, 10 floors will be dedicated to well-established companies which will be based or have their own innovation divisions installed in the building.

Of the total investment in the renovation of the building, R$48 million came from Codemge, R$6 million from the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) and R$2.2 million from Banco Itaú. In addition to the infrastructure investment, R$ 8.2 million was invested in the project, more than half of which came from Codemge. In addition, another R$11 million from BNDES is planned to purchase furniture and equipment for places such as the museum and library.

The first version of the project was launched in 2017, and is still under the management of the then Governor Fernando Pimentel (PT). The initiative was born as a result of the partnership between the Fiemg System and the Government of Minas Gerais.

The movement was summoned by the president of Fiemg, Flávio Roscoe, who thanked Governor Romeo Zima (Novo) for launching the project on the ground. class main center Like “Home of the Mining Entrepreneur” They said that space is a gift to Minas Gerais.

“The capital lacks a space where companies can converge, have all the infrastructure needed to develop their businesses and interact with other sectors. P7 is a convenient and welcoming place, ideal for high-tech or creative economy companies to thrive and develop their emerging or mature businesses,” he assessed.

Although he did not disclose which companies will be installed in the building, Roscoe added that there are dozens of contacts with interested companies and work should actually begin on the P7 Criativo in the first half of the year. Also, according to him, within a year the center should reach its installed capacity.

Innovation Center for all industries

in environments joint work There is expectation to prevail Startups Or companies at an early stage, while in other areas that focus on leasing, the focus should be on more consolidated companies.

“The entire building contains a meeting room and living spaces where companies tend to move in the dynamic exchange of experiences, business and information. One of the most important points of the creative economy is the interdependence and the ability for dialogue between different segments. This brings richness to operations. Organizations are born with content from other companies sharing spaces. All knowledge is shared.Values ​​There is a great exchange that makes companies reach success quickly.

The Minister of State for Economic Development, Fernando Basalio, said that the intent is to main center work 24 hours a day In order to contribute to Activate the Super Center in Belo Horizonte. Initially, working hours are from eight in the morning until ten in the evening. He also talked about the importance of space for Economic diversification of the state of Minas Gerais.

“We are diversifying our economy and this equipment is symbolic, because it will mean a lot to the country’s technology, science and innovation. Here, companies will be able to do not only joint workbut also Networks. He noted that this synergy is very important.”

Also according to Passalio, companies interested in establishing themselves in the Innovation Center should contact the P7 Criativo format.

During the opening ceremony main center On innovation, Governor Romeo Zema (Novo) spoke about improving the business environment in Minas Gerais and praised the productive sector as a driving force for progress.

“Development depends on several advantages. An environment of innovation and talented technology Startups He stressed the need to make the economy more efficient and productive.” The Chairman of the Executive Board also highlighted that more than R$200 billion in private contributions had been attracted during his administration and that main center It may attract more.

Roscoe added that there are dozens of contacts with companies interested in establishing themselves in the P7 | Credit: Sebastiao Jacinto Jr

The project sought inspiration abroad

The creative and technological P7 project is the champion of the corporate and entrepreneurial ecosystem, Startupsand audiovisual producers and sectors associated with this innovative industry such as: IT centers, fashion, and research and development for large corporations. The space has a cutting edge infrastructure in a collaborative and inspiring environment, equipped to foster businesses that have creativity and innovation as key parts.

According to the chief Consortium of Software and Information Technology Industry of Minas Gerais (Sindenfor)Fábio Veras, who has worked in partnership on the project since its original conception and management, the venue is inspired by models of innovation spaces from other countries such as Downtown Creative Business and Cambridge Innovation Centerboth located in the United States and Ruta N, the innovation center in Medellín, Colombia.

“In addition to being a necessity, the presence of this structure is a huge step towards making Belo Horizonte a more attractive place for innovation, encouraging Startups, generating employment and positively impacting our economy. As representatives of the technology and innovation sector, it is essential that we act and encourage the development of initiatives for the benefit of this sector,” he explains.

Also according to Veras, it is a suitable infrastructure to provide these interactions through strategic spaces. “It is a project developed using a strategic occupancy plan, high-quality infrastructure and cutting-edge technology for professionals to connect and perform their services, in addition to being, of course, a center of attraction for international visits and events, which are fundamental and generate discussions and reflections and thus incentives for innovation,” he points out.

How did the project come about?

Development of the project was started in 2014 by Fábio Veras and Marcos Mandacaru, at the time COO of Sebrae and CEO of the Export Promotion Agency, respectively. The two began to think that there was no space in Belo Horizonte that would focus the innovative digital and creative work that would unite the ecosystem at the time.

In 2016, when Veras established the Fiemg Laboratory, it was the largest at that time open innovation Brazil, to transform the competitiveness of Minas Gerais through the interaction of industry with it StartupsIndeed, it aims to point to Minas as the great innovative country of Brazil. He had the opportunity to do some assignments outside of Brazil and from there, the desire arose to create a space in Minas Gerais that could bring together tech entrepreneurs and creative businesses. He joined some other people and entities who had the same goal as Apex Brasil, Fiemg, Codemig and the state government and started making resources available for the realization of the project.