Become a responsible consumer with smart home technology

Become a responsible consumer with smart home technology

With Earth Day just around the corner, what better time to get serious about protecting the environment? Getting started doesn’t have to be difficult. Now, smart home technology has become an ally that can help kickstart your sustainability journey by providing a way to effortlessly reduce energy and water consumption at home.

One of the latest technologies for the home is LG’s smart home platform, LG ThinQ, which boasts a host of new eco-conscious features that offer maximum comfort while helping you progress towards a greener life. Here’s how they can help you transform your home into a place that celebrates Earth Day every day.

save energy
Saving energy in your home is much easier with the LG ThinQ app and its smart sustainability features, allowing you to effortlessly optimize the energy efficiency of your home appliances. The app even takes usage patterns into account; For example, you can set the refrigerator’s power consumption to its lowest level during nighttime hours, when family members or roommates open and close the refrigerator door much less frequently in search of ingredients or appetizers. An unexpected benefit is that you can see exactly how much energy you’re saving with these energy-efficient activities and how much your household appliances are consuming each month.

Remote control and monitoring functions also help reduce unnecessary power consumption. In Peru, this option is available for washing machines. By simply taking out your smartphone via the LG ThinQ application, you can check the status and turn it off from anywhere.

Protect the earth in everyday life
How can we not only reduce energy consumption at home, but also make our everyday life more sustainable? The LG ThinQ app gives you a smart cycle recommendation feature that ensures your clothes are clean without wasting water or detergent. After LG’s smart washing machine uses the company’s AI DD™ technology to determine the type of fabric and the weight of the load, the app suggests the optimal wash cycle: one that offers only the bare essentials – the best results for your clothes and for the environment .

Extend the life of your devices
It is always a good idea to keep devices in good condition as this will help you extend their life and save you money. This worthwhile effort not only reduces expensive household purchases in the long term, but also saves you money every month by avoiding excessive energy consumption in regular operation. It also puts less strain on the world’s recycling facilities, which play an important role in conserving the earth’s finite resources.

Designed to help users maintain their LG home appliances, the ThinQ app’s Smart Diagnosis feature allows for quick checks to ensure everything is working properly. In addition, the application offers reminders when it is time to replace a product’s filters.

On the other hand, and taking it a step further, LG recently announced the upcoming launch of its upgradeable appliances: appliances that allow users to download new features and functionality from the ThinQ app update center and access new and constantly updated experiences need to “update” the device model. It also has the potential to further extend the lifespan of the company’s electronic products and help alleviate the global e-waste problem.

With the latest smart home technologies from vendors like LG, life can be more convenient and sustainable than ever. Happy Earth Day!