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nstalling crown molding around the room's perimeter recessed down some from the ceiling, and we're going to use the Philips Hue Shape Lightstrip Plus (Part Number 800276). I'm going to go around the perimeter inside the crown molding. And this is the Philips Hue Lightstrip, And it's the crown molding profile that I mocked up. See, this is the profile, and I chose. . . This profile, but we have to use a router to round off this part and this part on the wood. This is the plug, and this is the controller for the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus. I want to be able to get my hand up through the top of the crown molding to plug it into that outlet that is controlled by this. this switch here So I'm using a stud finder to mark two studs using a piece of tape directly above the stud finder Where I locate the center of the stud. I'll have a link below to the stud finder I used (for purchase). [alright], so this piece has been cut on for you guys on both ends. The one is going to be for a scarf joint, And the other is for a miter for the corner, And when I place this up here, I have a line that I use as a reference to get a measurement. I measured down five and a half inches, so I'm going to place a block that I cut the five and a half inches on one end and the other block in the middle [picture in the picture] I'm using the Craftsman Pneumatic Nailer Okay so I'm going to use these same blocks.

to nail down the other end . I'll do the same thing, So this is an inside miter and an outside miter, so I cut this piece. We'll see if it works. If I do too much, you are going to see a lot of caulk [but] if it's perfect, and you'll barely see any caulk, and that's the buildout right there, and it gives us plenty around for the lights to fit and for the power supply to be put up there. [that way. . . ] I don't have to build out around the power supply alright, so I could measure this, but it's better to take the board, lay it on top and make a mark exactly where you want the Cut to be, and I usually do a couple passes. Maybe three passes of cutting so that I'm not [cutting it] short I like to have as good a joints as I can get without using caulk And here. I'm just continuing the process of marking the studs. We are going to use this piece here. this opposite piece for ensuring proper height along the length [of the buildout of the crown molding profile] [alright], I got this piece and cut it fits nicely use my measuring block here [to ensure] the proper fit So I'm taking measurements here. .

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