Aracaju regulates the Economic Freedom Act and the agreement with Josési |  F5 News

Aracaju regulates the Economic Freedom Act and the agreement with Josési | F5 News

Mayor Edvaldo Nogueira signed, at noon on Wednesday (20), Decree 6.676 / 2022, regulating the Law on Economic Freedom of Aracaju. At a ceremony at the José Aloísio Campos Administrative Center, the director also signed an agreement with the Commercial Council of Sergipe (Jucese) to reduce bureaucracy, simplify business operations and facilitate the opening of new businesses in the municipality. With the measures adopted by the administration, the capital of Sergipe, which is already first in the northeast and sixth in the country in the Municipal Competitiveness Index (ICM), will improve its ratings in the national ranking.

I am very excited about the steps we are taking today with the decree and the signed agreements. Especially because they are measures that reduce bureaucracy in business and contribute to the generation of jobs and income in our city. Public bodies do not perform the function of making life difficult for a citizen, but, on the contrary, they must facilitate it and make the way more convenient. And that is exactly what we are doing today, by creating mechanisms so that owners of small, medium and large enterprises can find in our capital an environment conducive to their business, ”emphasized the mayor.

Edvaldo also noted that with the incorporation of municipal bodies into the system, the city council is progressing towards making the capital “the first in the country in terms of opening and closing businesses.”

“Aracaju is already recognized as the first in the classification of the Ministry of Economic Development that evaluates these good practices, and now it will advance further due to the innumerable possibilities that will open with the measures announced today. The citizen will no longer need to travel to the various agencies to obtain the documents Only through the tool, using a computer or a mobile phone, will he be able to proceed with the process. So, it is a very important step for our capital,” the director added.

According to the city’s Secretary of Finance, Jefferson Passos, who gave a presentation on improving the business environment in Aracaju, with the initiative, “the management is progressing on a strategic planning project, focusing on the economic and sustainable development of the city.”

“Legislation is very important, but to make it effective, it is necessary to create the conditions that make it possible to comply with it, and that is what we are doing here today. He stressed the regulation of the Declaration of Rights of Economic Freedom, the adaptation of the provisions of the Redissim, as well as ensuring the simplification and reduction of bureaucracy in the operations of Fatah and closing the company.

The minister also emphasized that by investing in these measures, the municipality, which is already ranked first in the northeast and sixth in the country, in the Municipal Competitiveness Index (ICM), will further contribute to achieving good results.

“These ratings not only measure the opening of businesses, but the enabling environment for business, and that is exactly what we offer more and more. These ratings are a reference and show us how to improve. Today, for example, it takes a person, on average, 6 hours to open company in Aracaju. With these new measures, the progress will be even greater because we are creating the automatic municipal registration, to speed up the preparatory work for the business, even before the operating license,” he explained.

remove bureaucracy

Through the decree regulating the Law on Economic Freedom, the municipality of Aracaju is progressing in the integration of all municipal bodies involved in licensing, granting or relinquishing a business license into the National Registration and Business Legalization Network (Redesim) system of the municipality of “Agiliza”. The effects of the decree will be applied based on the degree of risk of economic activities, simplifying operations and simplifying the start-up of companies.

With Jucese, the agreement will allow the assignment of a license to use and share the infrastructure of the state integration system in Redesim so that the municipality can promote the development of new functions, with the aim of improving the operations of the municipal bodies responsible for supervising entrepreneurs and licensing the operation of incorporated companies in the municipality.

It also ensures support, simplification and rationalization of the registration and legalization process for entrepreneurs and commercial companies, which stimulates the entry of new projects into the formal economy, reduces costs and deadlines for the entrepreneur; In addition to facilitating corporate registration with Jucese, reducing bureaucratic excesses found in the corporate registration and legalization process, eliminating unnecessary and repetitive requirements for documentation and procedures between corporate registration and licensing bodies, among other measures.

“It is a package to reduce the bureaucracy being launched at this event, which will provide the conditions for the entrepreneur to open his business in Aracaju. The Board of Trade has already been doing something in this direction since 2019, but now, through the partnership that has been established with City Hall, The capital of Sergipe, which is very important for our state, is joining this initiative.Aracaju represents 54% of the companies listed in Sergipe, so it is an action that will make a difference.Congratulations to City Hall, and we are very pleased to sign this agreement that allows the use of the Agiliza system in a new format, expanding Access our database to other City Hall licensing bodies,” confirmed Jucese President, Marcos Freitas.