AMCHAM Summit: Digitization in Colombia – Communications Technology – Technology

AMCHAM Summit: Digitization in Colombia – Communications Technology – Technology

Amidst the Bicentennial Summit Colombia – USA AMCHAM Organized by the Colombo-American Chamber of Commerce, Giovanni Stella, Country Manager at Google, gave a presentation on the transformation and future of digitization in the country from a Google perspective.

First and foremost, he expressed that there is a great opportunity for government and the private sector. The acceleration of the digital world This is evident in the influence of startups and digital companies in the country.

Stella presented a study that aims to identify the countries in the world that have the greatest opportunities for growth from a digital perspective.

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This analysis revealed that Colombia is one of the 16 countries that by 2030 it will have a $114 billion impact on GDP per year in the national digital economy and can account for more than 20% of the country’s GDP, according to Google’s Country Manager.

From the company’s side, they believe in the potential of the digital economy in the country, with the need to work hand in hand with the governmentdigital transformation of the country and its digitization.

They reiterate that Google’s primary goal is to develop digital skills so that more and more people can reap the benefits of digitization and leverage the potential and demand for digital talent across organizations.

One of the outstanding projects in this digitization process is the platform ” Active tourism” that helps SMEs in the country to go digital and find tools to reactivate the tourism sector.

“I’m already online” is another bet offered by SME training who need to understand the importance of the digital environment for their businesses and encourages them to enter the technology sector.

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Another way for the country to change and enter the digital age is to show how private companies can contribute to the development of digital skills. In terms of technology, Google has an important commitment that points to it Driving the adoption of AI at the global enterprise level.

Also encourage the shift of work to the cloud, which has been happening organically since the pandemic, but bringing cost-efficiency and agility to the way organizations operate.

Digital transformation focuses on the value behind a digital tool a whole team dedicated to the online market, so the cloud plays a fundamental role. She is the one that makes it possible to streamline and work on these processes in real time.

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In order for governments to streamline and leverage digital transformation, the company in Colombia has a public strategy that aims to drive change in data management, with the national development plan, and thereby promote the transformation from cloud adoption acceleration toward computing and emphasis of artificial intelligence so that innovations can be generated.

Next,AI can improve certain processes, it will also change profiles and add new roles with the advent of this technological wave which is driving the country much faster in the digital age.

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