Ambev will distribute a pill bar at Carnival that promises to delay the effect of alcohol

Ambev will distribute a pill bar at Carnival that promises to delay the effect of alcohol

How do carnival Coming, the Beats brand, from ambifewill launch On By Beats, a cereal bar that promises delay effects alcohol on the consumer. The result of a pilot project by the Intelligent Drinking Lab, the company’s area of ​​innovation for solutions to encourage moderation, On By Beats, according to the company, will help reduce alcohol absorption in the body by 24% for every calorie ingested, according to the company. to clinical tests conducted in Brazil and Canada. Each unit contains 58 calories.

According to Ambev’s founding director, Anna Paula Alves, in this first batch, the flavor presented to the public will be peanuts with oatmeal. Without revealing the full composition of the product, she explained that the reduction in alcoholic effects comes from a combination of foods and ingredients that have the ability to hold alcohol and that there are already similar products sold in other countries, such as the Sobar brand, available in the United States.

Revelers will be the first to try the Ambev product. From Wednesday, 20, until the end of this month, plates of food will be distributed free of charge during samba school rallies in São Paulo (in Anhembi) and Rio (in Sapucaí). On By Beats units should also be featured at special carnival-related parties in both cities.

Moderation or encouragement?

The strategy of creating an “antidote” to the effects of its flagship product is a brave stance by Ambev, as evaluated by Jaime Troiano, President of Troiano Branding. Nevertheless, he says, it is necessary to reinforce the intent of moderation in the market, so that the result is not controversial, and the consumer does not see the effect of inhibition as an opportunity to intensify the use of the beverage.

Such a situation, for a specialist, is similar to that of other products that can generate a sense of protection and release at the same time. “Ambev is a very brave company, very organised, very decisive. But having such a good product does not in itself guarantee that it will be well understood. It must be understood correctly so that the consumer does not reinterpret it as an opportunity to drink more now”, reflects Troiano.

Carnival as a “laboratory”

The experiment should provide Ambev with information about the flavor experience and consumption for the final large-scale launch of the product. “We want to test the suitability of Brazilian consumers for a product with these characteristics. In the United States, for example, the product was already successful at events and festivals, but in Brazil, it was unprecedented,” says Ana Paula. “The main goal is to offer options, tools, and products that help our consumers in moderation, and nothing is better than relying on technology to enhance this journey of balance,” he adds.

To promote a culture of responsible drinking of alcoholic beverages, Ambev has created a commitment to reach 2.5 million people with measures of moderate consumption by the end of this year. According to the company, half of the target has already been reached. In addition to On By Beats, the organization maintains an interactive platform for measuring alcohol-related habits.

barless mode

With or without a bar, there are other ways to reduce the effects of alcohol on the body. According to dietitian Maiana Coqueiro, who works at the Institute of Nephrology in Bahia, avoiding fluid retention and toxins by using unprocessed foods is a potential alternative to trying to mitigate the effects of excessive consumption of the drink. In addition to fruits that contain a lot of water, such as watermelon and watermelon, it is also indicated to eat vegetables, such as cucumbers.

However, the specialist is of the opinion that alcohol metabolism depends on several factors, such as body weight and the degree of integrity of the liver. Hence, this ability varies from individual to individual and therefore there is no “superhero” way to enhance this effect. However, diuretic foods and drinks can help eliminate alcohol. “Coconut water and tea can sweeten for some, and eating bland foods can help others, but there is no rule,” stresses Maiana.