Algarve Tech Hub brings together 26 entities for a more competitive region on a global scale

Algarve Tech Hub brings together 26 entities for a more competitive region on a global scale

THE The Universidade do Algarve and the Algarve STP and Algarve Evolution associations held a working session this Tuesday in the Seminar Room of the Rectorate, in Campus Gambelas, which brought together several partners at the same table, followed by the signing of a Memorandum of agreement for the Algarve Tech Hub (ATH), signed by 26 entities.

Algarve Tech Hub is a brand created by the University of the Algarve and licensed to Algarve STP and Algarve Evolution, with the aim of representing and developing the regional technology ecosystem as a global, competitive and attractive technology hub. ATH’s mission is to create a dynamic of cooperation within the technological ecosystem capable of uniting companies, institutions and people in the consolidation of know-how in strategic technological areas for the territory, namely Hospitality Tech, Ocean Tech, Agro Tech, Health Tech and Energy Tech, with the aim of creating a competitive ecosystem on a global scale, able to position the Algarve as the reference Tech Hub Lifestyle worldwide.

The signed Memorandum of Understanding is part of the Algarve Tech Hub Collaborative Strategy 2020-2030, an action plan designed to be a transformation engine capable of positioning the Algarve at the forefront as a recognized and competitive digital region at scale global. It aims to create the context conditions for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of this strategy, in a perspective of collaborative, open and balanced innovation, among the agents interested in the development of the regional technological ecosystem.

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According to the Memorandum, the signatories “agree to join efforts to promote the development of the technology sector in the Algarve, leveraging its strengths, overcoming its weaknesses, exploiting opportunities and circumventing threats, with the awareness that this will be possible. only within the framework of a strong partnership, in which all the agents involved work together for the development of the regional technological ecosystem “.

They undertake to “develop an articulated, collaborative and continuous work to promote the development of the sector, through the implementation of projects and initiatives that contribute to the achievement of the activities and objectives of the Algarve Tech Hub 2020-2030 Collaborative Strategy”.

Also according to the Memorandum, the signatories undertake to participate in the definition and implementation of appropriate mechanisms for coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the collaborative strategy, favoring the use of the Algarve Tech Hub brand in projects and initiatives that fall within the aforementioned strategy.

The working session was chaired by the rector of the University of the Algarve, Paulo Águas, who also had speeches by the president of the board of the Algarve Science and Technology Partnerships Association, Francisco Serra, the president of the board of the Algarve Evolution Association , Miguel Fernandes, and all the representatives of the organizations present.

Information on the University of the Algarve:

The University of the Algarve (UAlg) currently has around 9,000 students, 20% of whom are international, from over 84 nationalities, including Brazil, the country with the highest representation.

With 42 years of existence, it appears for the fifth time in the Times Higher Education (THE) Young University Rankings 2022, which analyzes the performance of higher education institutions created 50 years ago or less, distinguishing itself in the indicator that evaluates the international projection. .

The Shanghai Ranking 2021 global academic subject rankings selected the University of the Algarve in six scientific areas: tourism management and hospitality (position 76-100); Oceanography (position 151-200); Ecology (position 301-400); Agricultural Sciences, Earth Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences (positions 401-500).

In 2020, it was part of the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings for the first time, which assesses the performance and contribution of universities to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), placing it in position 201-300, among 766 higher education institutions. , from 85 countries, which met the inclusion requirements.

UAlg offers initial and post-graduate training courses in its various training areas: Art, Communication and Heritage; Social Sciences and Education; Health Sciences and Technologies; Exact and natural sciences; Economics, Management and Tourism; Engineering and Technologies.

Its privileged location near Faro International Airport and the large number of new air routes connecting the main Portuguese (Porto and Lisbon) and European cities, as well as the excellent conditions that UAlg and the region have to offer, make it more and more the country’s Southern Academy acquires central and international status.