A new educational program that combines business and technology

A new educational program that combines business and technology

When someone is just beginning their career or that of their children, ask what kind of study to do, Don’t just think about taste and ability, think about it also in terms of demand of the labor market.

Today it is normal to hear that more and more digital talents are needed, cKnowledge of technology and programming. But why?.

The latest report on the World Economic Forum Future of Jobsilluminate the most important qualifications for the labor market in the coming years.

Labor market: What do you expect and what are the concerns of those starting their careers

In it we will find a list of skills including: analytical and innovative thinking, creativity, active learning, leadership and social influence.

Although this knowledge is usually developed in the usual business education programs; The report includes a range of skills dealing with the use, control and supervision of technology, design and programming, data analysis using these technologies, logical thinking, problem solving, idea generation, resilience, stress tolerance and much more flexibility.

A few years ago the IAE Business School Y The car work together to add a range of educational programs Complementary skills to the concepts normally learned in a traditional business education program.

A program with training in business and also in technology

This creates a pBusiness and technology education program that incorporates technological and digital knowledge into its curriculum necessary for the design of a suitable product that offers our customers the best user experience and allows us to understand and manipulate the large amounts of data that companies deal with today.

Sought add modern business knowledge, but also data science, Creating user experiences and designing digital products that enable them to properly enter the future job market or consolidate their knowledge when starting or building a new business.

The three Ds of regional integration

In our country, and also in our region, we have fertile ground to work on developing these skills.

Lack of computer skills in the region

data of ECLAC show lack of digital skills in the region, Where Less than 40% of the population has basic computer skills.

That percentage drops to 25% when we talk about activities like connecting and installing new devices, finding, downloading or installing software tools, and information management. The same report also reports that only 7% of the population reported having written a computer program or used a programming language.

Those numbers are important when we think about it We are entering a new age of knowledge where manipulating and understanding the data that surrounds us is key to the success of any business or enterprise.

In order to manage and understand this data, digital tools and sometimes complex processes are used, which are solved with specific programming languages. But it’s also very important to develop the industry and business knowledge necessary to add value to that data.

Therefore I think Le Wagon’s partnership with the IAE Business School offers an excellent range of business education Methodologies emerging from bootcamps or training camps are included, which usually include hands-on modules that traditional university courses don’t typically have to ensure management of the tools used by companies.

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