A budget between “modesty” and “optimism” – the state budget

A budget between “modesty” and “optimism” – the state budget

A week before the start of the debate in Parliament on the state budget (OE) for 2022, Negócios challenged two economists to a quick analysis of the document’s key assumptions. On the one hand, the current president of the Syndicate of Economists and former Socialist Minister, Antonio Mendonca, on the other hand, Antonio Nogueira Leite, an economist and director, former Secretary of State for Treasury and Finance and former leader of the PSD. Both argue that the OE may not have enough answers for families and businesses to weather the effects of the war in Ukraine, but point to a scenario of great uncertainty in which the budget year is built, waiting, perhaps, for action from Europe.

Paulo Ribeiro Pinto

Joanna Almeida

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