10 public notices open in April 2022!

10 public notices open in April 2022!

The Northern Region has thousands of vacancies with opportunities for all levels of education in different areas, including health and education. An excellent opportunity for those who intend to enter the public career in 2022. See, in the article, the details of the 10 public notices opened in April 2022 and prepared with the Unlimited Subscription public competition of the Competition Direction for the North.

North public competition: TJ-TO

Via the bank’s website FGVThe Court of Justice of the State of Tocantins (TJ-TO) receives Applications until May 2, 2022 for your new public tender. The notice offers 63 vacant posts for functions of Accountant / Distributor (5 vacant posts) e Judicial Technician (50 vacancies for judicial and administrative support, 8 vacancies for IT). The wages arrive BRL 12,243.37. the stadium of evidence the goals will be held during the day June 26 in the municipalities of Palmas, Araguaína and Gurupi.

North public tender: CRC-AC

THE Acre Regional Accounting Council (CRC-AC) announces a new public competition to fill the positions of Administrative Agent and Accountant. The competition is run by the bank quadrixthat receives registrations on your website until 25 April 2022. The function of Administrative agent requires a high school level and offers a salary of R $ 1,360.80 for a 40 hour week. now for Counter, in addition to the degree in accounting sciences, active and regular registration with the CRC is required. The salary is R $ 3,000.00 for 40 hours worked per week. Future hires will have other benefits as well, such as meal vouchers, transportation vouchers, and a work and salary plan. the stadium of evidence goals is planned for May 22, 2022, in the municipality of Rio Branco. The evaluation of qualifications is also envisaged for the higher level position.

North public competition: PC-RR

To delegate

The Government of the State of Roraima has published a public notice for the compilation of the 35 vacant posts of the charge of To delegate Civil Police – Initial state class, offering salaries of BRL 20,410.04. In registrations it should be done until 12 June 2022 through the banking portal VUNESP. Check the requirements of the position: be Brazilian; Bachelor’s degree in law; minimum 18 years; be equal with military and electoral obligations; have no criminal record. Candidates will undergo several stages of evaluation. In objective evidence are scheduled for August 13, 2022, in the town of Boa Vista. To this will be added a discursive test, psychotechnical exam, medical exams, physical fitness test, oral exam, qualification test, social survey, professional training course, evaluation of practical activities and final exam.

Other locations

In addition to the position of Delegate, the Roraima Civil Police offers even more 140 vacant posts divided into 8 positions: 52 vacancies for police officers, 51 for clerk, 14 for papiloscopist expert, 2 for autopsy assistant, 4 for expert assistant, 9 for criminal expert, 7 for coroner and 1 for forensic dentist. In registrations must be done via the bank’s website Vunesp, until 12 June 2022. The phase of the objective tests will take place over several days, depending on the position foreseen, in the month of August.

North public contract: CREMERO

With the offer of 2 immediate vacancies and 48 for the formation of a register of reservations, the new public notice for the Rondônia Regional Council of Medicine select candidates for the positions of Administrative assistant (medium level) e Internal controller (upper level), for capacity in the municipality of Porto Velho. The salary reaches R $ 4,624.09 for 40 hour work weeks, plus other benefits. Those interested in applying for one of the opportunities must submit an application, by June 6, 2022, through the Quadrix banking website. Candidates will be assessed through objective tests (scheduled for 10 July 2022) and qualification assessment.

North public contract: POLITEC – RO

THE Technical-Scientific Police of the State of Rondônia promotes public tenders for the supply of 60 vacant postsin addition to providing for the formation of booking registrationin the positions of Forensic expert And Crime agent. Positions require upper level training and offer remuneration of up to BRL 14,267.80 for 40 hours per week. The competition is organized by the bank Cebraspe. Interested parties must register on the portal of the organizer of the period from 10 am on 25 April to 6 pm on 16 May 2022. Consult the stages of the competition: objective tests, speech test, physical aptitude test, oral test, qualification evaluation, psychological evaluation, medical-toxicological tests, social investigation and training course. The objective and discursive test phases will be held in the cities of Ariquemes, Cacoal, Ji-Paraná, Porto Velho and Vilhena, on July 10 (for Expert) and 17 (for Agent) of July 2022.

Look at the covered areas:

  • Criminal Expert – Area 1 (1 vacant position) – degree in accounting, economics, business administration or public administration;
  • Criminal Expert – Area 2 (3 vacant positions) – degree in biological sciences or biomedicine;
  • Criminal Expert – Area 3 (3 vacant positions) – degree in pharmacy or pharmacy-biochemistry;
  • Criminal Expert – Area 4 (1 vacant position) – degree in speech therapy;
  • Criminal Expert – Area 5 (1 vacant position) – degree in Veterinary Medicine;
  • Criminal Expert – Area 6 (5 vacancies) – degree in computer science, computer science, systems analysis, information systems or computer engineering;
  • Criminal Expert – Area 7 (1 vacant position) – degree in physics;
  • Criminal Expert – Area 8 (2 vacancies) – Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry or Chemical Engineering
  • Criminal Expert – Area 9 (3 vacant positions) – degree in civil engineering;
  • Criminal Expert – Area 10 (1 vacant position) – degree in telecommunications engineering or communications network engineering;
  • Criminal Expert – Area 11 (3 vacant positions) – degree in electrical engineering or electronic engineering;
  • Criminal Expert – Area 12 (3 vacant positions) – degree in mechanical engineering, mechatronic engineering, automation and control engineering or production engineering;
  • Criminal Expert – Area 13 (1 vacant position) – degree in environmental and health engineering or forest engineering;
  • Criminal Expert – Area 14 (1 vacant position) – Degree in mining engineering, geology or geography;
  • Criminal Expert – Area 15 (1 vacant position) – degree in agronomic engineering or agronomy
  • Crime Agent (30 vacancies) – degree in any area of ​​training.

North public competition: Municipality of São João da Baliza – RR

The city of São João da Baliza, located in the state of Roraima, selects professionals with intermediate level of schooling for 6 immediate vacancies in the positions of Community health agent and endemic combat agent. In addition, the formation of a register of reservations is planned. The functions have a salary of BRL 1,550.00 for 40 hours per week. In registrations Self will close on April 30, 2022 and must be done through the bank’s website NTCS. The selection, intended for the temporary hiring of professionals, will consist of the objective test phase, scheduled for May 22, 2022.

North public procurement: Municipality of Ananindeua – PA

The municipal administration of Ananindeua, located in the state of Roraima, launches a public notice with 100 vacancies to work in your health network. are vacancies for Doctor, in the area of ​​the Family Health Strategy (ESF). The basic salary is BRL 3,152.31, plus BRL 2,521.84 as a special activity bonus and BRL 440.00 in food allowance, for 40 hours of work per week. The public notice has the direction of the bank Cetapnetwhich receives registrations on its portal up to May 11, 2022. Candidates will be assessed through an objective test and proof of qualifications.

North Public Competition: Uarini Town Hall – AM

with offer of 307 vacant posts in various positions with elementary, technical, middle and higher level of schooling, the municipality of Uarini, located in the state of Amazonas, announces a new public tender. The establishment of a reserve register is also envisaged. salaries vary from BRL 1,150.00 to BRL 15,000.00, I work 40 hours a week. The competition receives registrations through the banking website merkaba until the May 23, 2022. The first phase, objective test, is scheduled for June 26, 2022.

Check the distribution of job offers:

  • Elementary level – General Service Assistant (40), Gari (40), Lookout (20), Light Vehicle Driver (4), Heavy Vehicle Driver (5), Ship Commander (5), Sailor (3), River Driver ( 4), Deck Auxiliary River Sailor (4), Auxiliary Machinery River Sailor (4), Plumber (2), Painter (10) and Cook (2)
  • Medium and Technical Level – Municipal Guard (40), Tax Inspector (2), Works Inspector (2), Environmental Inspector (2), Territory Inspector (2), Posture Inspector (2), Health Surveillance Inspector (2), Agent (5), Electrician (4), Master of Works (2), Forestry Technician (2), Administrative Assistant (30), Computer Technician (3), Agricultural Technician (2), Agricultural Technician (2), Oral Hygiene Technician (2), Radiology Technician (3), Nursing Technician (20), Orthopedic Immobilization Technician (2), Nutrition Technician (2) and Clinical Analysis Technician (2)
  • Upper level – Civil Engineer (1), Biologist (1), Technologist in Environmental Management (1), Technologist in Fish Production (1), Forestry Engineer (1), Fishing Engineer (1), Agronomist (2), Social Worker (1) , Psychologist (1), Nutritionist (1), Veterinarian (1), Biomedical (2), Pharmacist (2), Biochemist (2), Dental Surgeon (2), Physiotherapist (2), Nurse (4), Medical Doctor General (2), Gynecologist (2) and Surgeon (1)


The Municipality of Uarini also plans to fill 422 vacant posts in your network teaching. The public tender offers opportunities for the elementary, middle and higher level of schooling and offers remuneration of up to BRL 2,578.00, in addition to other benefits. This public notice also has the bank merkaba as an organizer. Those interested in applying for one of the positions in the Municipal Department of Education must Apply by May 23, 2022through the organizer’s portal.

Look at the positions held:

  • Teacher from 1st to 5th year
  • Early childhood teacher
  • Special education teacher
  • Portuguese language teacher
  • Math’s teacher
  • Geography teacher
  • History teacher
  • English teacher
  • Physical education teacher
  • Arts teacher
  • science teacher
  • pedagogue
  • Nutritionist
  • Social worker
  • Psychologist
  • Administrative assistant
  • Assistant to general services
  • Lunch box
  • attention

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